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Data Analysis, Migration & Mining

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Many companies use tracking software and CRM systems to collect data about their customers. However, this data is often distributed across many services. I can bring your data to a single longterm storage and create a platform with that you can smoothly analyze the most important KPIs. For this, I use tools such as Azure Data Factory, Databricks, or custom code.

Cloud Development & Migration

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Bringing your business applications to the cloud can help you to reduce costs and to make your business more flexible. I can help you to migrate your applications to on-demand services on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This way, you can scale your applications to your needs and only pay for what you use.

Tool Creation & APIs

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Desktop or web-based tools can help you to automate your business processes and to make your employees more productive. APIs can help you to integrate your systems with those of your partners. In the past, I've worked on a wide range of such tools and APIs. I can help you to create such tools with programming languages such as Python, C#, Java, and popular frameworks.

Database Monitoring & Optimization

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Databases are the heart of every data-driven application. However, they tend to become slow and inefficient with time and through improper use. In order to help you resolve such problems, I provide a usage analysis, optimization, and a modern monitoring platform. My expertise includes products such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS-SQL Server.


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Fabian Stadler

Fabian Stadler is a senior software engineer with several years of development experience. They have a university degree in mathematics and have worked for companies in the public transport, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


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